Design of the Cansat

As outreach methods we chose to make a Facebook and a Google+ page as well as a Youtube channel  so that people can look us up and see our progress. So if you want to keep informed, check out at the bottom right corner


Outreach methods
Team motivation

Physics' subject project


​Team X-Wings Cansat 2016

Our Cansat will feature a cylindrical outer shell that will serve as protection through most of the fall and weight dump. Inside the shell there the CanSat per se, or what we like to call the flight module: it will be can-shaped and all the sensors sensors will be in it, equidistant and in the outer rims there will be four arms with motors and propellers in its extremities


       We would very much like to learn and have a better understanding of robotics, aeronautics and telecommunication. We would also like to take advantage of the Cansat experience to simulate ESA’s StarTiger project in small scale. Another aspect that has caught our attention was the fact that this experience will help us develop important skills like teamwork, English speaking and presentation proficiency; also, whilst working in this project, technical experience will be gained, and as the majority of our team members is planning to choose engineering for their catedratic future, this competition is a great way to prepare us.


    Parachute test(slow motion)

    Who we are

       We are students of Escola Secundária Francisco Fernandes Lopes that have Physics as a subject. Our teacher propose us, the students to make a project. So, as a project we decided to make a group composed for 6 people to participate in Cansat, which is a conquest where we have to make a mini satellite that will complete 2 missions. Our team name is X-Wings.